OLR Previews, Universe pushed, and UM4 @ Digital Life!


Good thing I missed last week to post this or everybody would have ignored it do to stepping dramas. Anyway, before the new songs are advertised, some sad news as reported by Orange Lounge Radio:

DDR Universe has been pushed back to March 2007. Who knows as to why but one possible reason is that people complained about that interface just as it was done in Ultramix 2. We can hope for the better, yes?

As said earlier, I will do last week’s and this week’s songs. The previews will be ending next week, sadly, but OLR is apparently working on an interview to compliment our DDR needs.

To hear these previews, download them from Orange Lounge Radio in their podcast format. Appropriate episodes are given:

Week 6 – OLR Episode 204 Part A

We Are Connected (Overdrive Mix) – Jondi & Spesh UNI
If you know what Jondi & Spesh do, this pretty much sounds like what we’ve heard out of them so far: deep, foreboding techno-like sound.

Stompin’ at the Gotham – Wavegroup w/ Scotty D. UM4
Fast jazzy sound that uses familiar melodies and is just outright crazy and upbeat. And if you’re worried, no, Scotty’s not on vocals. Just samples here.

Close Your Eyes (Activated Mix) – Daybehavior UNI
This sounds quite exactly the same except it’s not as “dreamy” as the original as it is significantly upbeat and a little bit driving. The way the cut is structured almost matches the original cut too.

ZETSUBOUTEKIDA! – nekoJIRA UM4 (if you want to know how I spelt it, just go find the SuperNOVA press release! 😛 )
Can I put opinions here? This track is awfully repetitive and…doesn’t really go anywhere and sounds very generic. Sorry, that’s the best way I can describe it. I have to say it *vaguely* has sounds that would be coming from…oh, say, L.E.D.

Week 7 – OLR Episode 205 (only one part this week; no long versions)

More Serotonin – Neuroactive UM4
Sounds Club-ish. Reminds me a bit of Evolution from Neverakka.

Bongo – Wavegroup w/ Scotty D. UNI
Wavegroup with Scotty D. again (no, no Scotty vocals again)? This sounds like that stock music you’d hear in, like, business promos to show that they’re “hip”…or just think Austin Powers/stuff from the 50’s/60’s.

Oblivion (Neverakka Mix) – Real Life UM4
Real Life was apparently famous for a song called Send Me an Angel back in the 80’s. Anywho, enjoy more ambient trance sound here.

What Have Her – Chris Fortier UNI
As said by skie: it has a driving beat. =p Sorry, I can’t think of anything!

And a little bit of breaking news as I was about to post the above: cali_surfer_788 says Ultramix 4 was at Digital Life and discovered the following:
-The Insaner remix is a 10-footer.
-There’s a Sexy Planet remix called Another Planet by Crystal Aliens featuring another artist.
-Grandolin has Oni steps (THANK YOU, HAWAI’I)
-DM Ashura did a Celebrate Nite remix called Celebrate Nite (Like It’s ’99)
-And we all totally knew this was coming: UM4 has Paranoia Survivor Max and most likely has Paranoia Survivor. Obviously.
-Still In My Heart (Momo Mix) is apparently in the game with a full set of steps.
-Universe was apparently there but from user accounts, it sounds like they just used the E3 build.

More might be coming.