Final OLR Song Preview


The last one. Sadness. No Pizza Box here.

Hydra Sound – Geomancer UNI
Is Konami emo? Another deep-sounding techno track. Some high-pitched synths are smattered around for something that sounds industrial-ish.

Sock ‘Em – Steve Porter UM4
Sounds like good-cool’s House material but with an epic sound to it.

The Hop – or-if-is UNI
I found this as an interesting song. Sounds like traveling/overworld music made for a Mario game.

Free (Liberation Mix) – Blue October (apparently NOT some emo band but the ones on the A Different Drum label) UM4
Trance-y! *glomp* Tastes like rave.

That’s it! No more! Ultramix 4 is on its way in about 2 weeks. You can hear all of these on podcast Episode 206 Part A, which is up right now.

So as it stands, we have 54 confirmed Ultramix 4 songs plus 5 need-to-own-the-game songs that we want to be extra sure about (Sexy Planet remix, Celebrate Nite remix, both PARANOiA Survivors, Still In My Heart Oni). The Universe songlist has ballooned to a nice 27 songs since the E3 list was…not really confirmed! Only 11 songs are really there thanks to OLR and anything can be taken out from the screens and videos we’ve seen (KOs are more likely to be taken out).

One more note: LOKI on the podcast said that the bundle version of Ultramix 4 will be delayed by a week after Ultramix 4’s release, which apparently happened to SuperNOVA.