Pre-Orders For beatmaniaIIDX 12 Happy Sky Konamistyle limited Edition Are Available


You can now pre-order your copy of beatmaniaIIDX 12 Happy Sky. The game comes with a T-shirt, so you will have to order the game with the correct shirt size.

Here is a link with the choices you have……4-p-43-99.html


The game comes with the following…

  • beatmania IIDX 12 Happy Sky
  • beatmania IIDX visual emotions 5 DVD
  • XIA Figuremate Special Figure
  • beatnation Records compilation CD: cyber beatnation 1st conclusion
  • beatnation Records formal T-shirt
  • beatmania IIDX12 HAPPY SKY Poster
  • beatmania IIDX12 HAPPY SKY special box
  • beatnation Records wristband

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