MTV Multiplayer Blog Interviews Harmonix


While the article really isn’t the biggest interview we’ve seen on the topic to date, it does clarify a few things that I know at least I’ve been wondering since E3 this year. The guys over at Multiplayer got the chance to pass some questions from their users onto a Harmonix rep and here’s the basic rundown.

  • “Harmonix has an open platform philosophy and their games will be compatible with third-party controllers that conform to the various platform controller standards.”
  • Online multi-player and co-op are available
  • The standard Rock Band controller also doubles as the bass in game
  • No Wii version announced yet
  • USB Hub is included with the 360 version of the game
  • No other controller bundles are planned at the moment

If you wanna read it in their own words, check out the source here. A lot of it comes off as typical company response type stuff rather than an one on one kind of thing.