Andamiro introducing New GX cabinet for Pump It Up


Today in London an annual coin-op game/amusement expo called EAG 2011 kicked off and as such expect to see coverage from that show popping up on the site over the next few days as many different coin-op manufacturers gather to show off their latest products which will be available in Europe and some elsewhere in North America. Arcade Heroes writer HeavyElectricity is there and should be posting some updates any time over these days. Please keep in mind that we do not have any pictures of this new model at the moment (the pictured cabinet is for reference regarding Andamiro’s previous 42″ models) but we will update this post once we get them. Here’s the info:

Andamiro will be discontinuing the 42″ models as of next month and will re-introduce lower cost GX style cabinets in the $7-8k range starting sometime in the next 8-12 weeks

The 42″ model is known as the FX and was used for titles such as Pump It Up Pro 2 and NX Absolute.  Stay tuned.