Free To Play Title Rhythmical Released for PC


Rhythmical – is a collaboration game with the minds of developers Nik, iRhymeWithRawr and Izanagi! Shoot your way through the endless wave of enemies to the beat, making sure that each and every move is pretty spot on. With gorgeous visuals, and an amazing randomly generating soundtrack, Rhythmical is definitely worth checking out.

The free to play game was made for GameJolt’s Music Interpretation Competition and only available on Windows systems. All inspiration for the music and style of this game are entirely based on generic hardcore Drum and Bass/Dance Electronic music, in which the developers are incredibly huge fans of.

Listen to Rhythmical’s randomly generating soundtrack on Soundcloud and check out the game here thanks to GameJolt.

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Paul Hartling

As the Senior Editorial Producer, Paul has been writing about music games for just over a decade and has no plan on stopping. He started playing rhythm games with DanceDanceRevolution 3rdMix in the Winter of 1999 and he still continues to keep beatmania close to the chest.

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