Rock Band Blitz Announced for PSN/XBLA


Harmonix’s Rock Band Blitz is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. It was revealed on G4’s X-Play this evening, and showed gameplay similar to that of Rock Band Unplugged. Dispensing with peripherals, the controller-based gameplay has dexterous finger gymnasts cruising down a note highway, hitting blocks and switching between instruments for maximum scores.

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The title will launch with 25 tracks, but the real deal is that the game can access the current Rock Band library on your console. The game also has access to the Rock Band Music Store for more DLC, meaning there are potentially over 3,500 tracks to import. As a bonus, the 25 songs that are bundled with the game are playable in Rock Band 3.

Harmonix hasn’t provided pricing or release date details, but Rock Band Blitz will launch through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. You can check it out at PAX East this weekend.

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