Trailers For Two New Pump It Up Titles: 2013 Fiesta 2 and Infinity


Andamiro has released some trailers for two new Pump It Up titles, one we first heard about back in March called Pump It Up Infinity and the next game in the Fiesta series, 2013 Fiesta 2. The trailers don’t tout any new features for the games and aside from music selection. Fiesta 2 seems to have a lot more in the way of licensed content, if you care for various tween boy or girl pop bands. I would be amazed if Gangam style isn’t on there, although I suppose given the international sensation that has become it also means that the licensing for it costs a large sum of cash too.  Phil Arrington sent a tip to Arcade Heroes about the games:

Phil chimed in to point out that Infinity is essentially giving fans of Pump It Up Pro what they want out of the game:

“Classic and Pro modes – This gives the player the options to pick between what style they want to play in. Classic is the more traditional Pump with Perfect, Great and etc. While Pro is more for the players that are use to playing with Fantastic, Perfect, Great, etc.

Mission mode will be on there. I forgot what style the mission will be in. I think it will be more towards the how NX1 mission format as instead of the Map that’s been the norm since NX2.

At the moment, from my memory when I was asking a ton of questions, the courses like the one that were on Pro/Pro2 (Gauntlet and Progressive mode) are gone for the moment. Music Train, a course mode that was introduced in the Fiesta series, have replaced it

Music from both Pro and Pro2 is on there as well as every song that was on Fiesta EX. They crew also said some songs (like 2 or 3 in my view) from Fiesta 2 will be on this mix as well.

Infinity also had the assistance from the official AM team.

Although both games are getting release at the same time, Infinity is getting promoted more towards the U.S.”

According to the trailer, Infinity is on a location in Vegas and according to Phil who sent in the tip, both games will be released next month.  Either of these will likely be able to run on the TX or GX dedicated cabinets that can currently be purchased with Fiesta EX software. Seeing how they also release kits for these games, its safe to assume that kits will be available of both Infinity and Fiesta 2 as well.

2013 Fiesta 2

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