Taito Is Bringing Groove Coaster To Arcades


Apparently the likes of Groove Coaster have done well enough that the company has decided to release the game as a full-fledged arcade title. Earlier this month Taito posted a countdown to the official Groove Coaster website. It had the Groove Coaster Twitter feed and a bird on a winding path that unveiled music genres until it reached the final goal. That countdown ended tonight and unveiled the arcade release. Taito has attempted to go down the rhythm game route in arcades before, one recent example being Music Gun Gun although none have seemed to find a market penetration equal to DDR. Given that Groove Coaster now has a built-in fanbase, perhaps that will change.

To see what Groove Coaster is all about check out this video below. It also is still available for iOS and Android platforms. We will know more about the arcade release once JAEPO happens in Japan next month but for now it has been announced that it will be released in Winter 2013. The game will also feature songs from Taito’s famous ZUNTATA band among other song types.  Given that Groove Coaster is available in the U.S., perhaps we will see this one out West too. For now the official site of Groove Coaster Arcade can be found here in Japanese. The game will also have online functionality through Taito’s NESiCA network.

[youtube_embed src=”youtube.com/watch?v=oGih6zJfBJ0″/]