Hands-on: Dance Central 3 at PAX East 2013


For those who’ve played the previous Dance Central iterations, the gameplay will immediately feel familiar. Mirroring the moves of the on-screen dancer, you’ll use the incoming flashcards as cues for your next piece of choreography. You’ll still get feedback on the limbs that are out of sync with the rest of your rhythmic movements, and there’s really no way to “Fail” a song.


The party-friendly multiplayer reaches new revelry heights in DC3 thanks to the encouraging jump-in/jump-out play and fresh modes PAX East crowds greatly understood and was most used. Though the number of simultaneous dancers is capped at two, up to eight players can duke (and dance) it out thanks to the amusing Crew Throwdown mode which enables competitive teamplay. Keep the Beat is a perfect mode for freeform dancing, and only requires that you move in time to the music; Strike a Pose is is amazing as you try to mimic as many onscreen poses as possible.

Songs playable were in the teens for demo purposes, but memorable songs were YMCA, Ice Ice Baby, Moves Like Jagger, and the Macarena.

Dance Central is an Xbox 360 exclusive and is now available and you can see our review over here!