NEON FM Launching At Amusement Expo 2014


Today, Neon FM was given a release date as the company behind the game, Unit-E, announced on Facebook that they will begin selling Neon FM units at the Amusement Expo 2014 event in Las Vegas, which begins on March 26th. Unit-E can be found at Booth #1108.

Neon FM is a rhythm & action game for arcades and mobile. Players pound the five colored panels with their hands to the beat of the music and are scored on their timing.Sporting gameplay mechanics similar to pop’n music’s 5 button mode, Neon FM distinguishes itself with its high intensity soundtrack and its accessibility to people of all skill ranges. Fans of glitch hop, complextro, dubstep, d&b, edm, house, etc. should definitely look into it. Spring 2015 release date is projected. With easy unlimited multi-player linking machines, smartphone login via the Cardiac QR system, and a “Fail No More” leveling system that adjust for poor performances that won’t end the game– but will automatically reduce the difficulty while you’re playing.

Since I heard about this project, they have been holding some public location tests at a couple of arcades in Maryland; they also got a solid reception by taking the test cabinet to MAGFest in January. The testing has allowed them to refine the game further such as the screen flipping option, how Perfect notes are handled, adding another difficulty setting for songs and more. The game will launch with about 50 songs on the roster, with online updates offering new song updates on a constant basis through updates. They have plans to go beyond just online song updates however, including “unlimited local and online multiplayer between not only arcades but also the mobile game.” With the mobile version they plan on implementing cross platform play at some point so that people can actively compete in the same space between an online and mobile version of the game. Such a feature would be the first I know of to offer cross-platform play between arcades and mobile devices.

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Check out more information regarding updates and features for Neon FM here.

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