Taito Promotes Rhythmvaders – International Release Incoming?


For awhile now, Taito’s main focus has been on NESiCAxLIVE content or promoting a rhythm game they’ve had out in Japan for some months now called Groove Coaster Arcade. That was based upon an iPad game which Taito turned into an arcade cabinet with a huge screen and some unique controls. It’s seriously amazing.

Taito has posted this video below to YouTube for Rhythmvaders. It’s a promo video for their Groove Coaster Arcade game that has been out in Japan, however using this different name. To keep the strange part going – the website it takes you to is marketing the game entirely in English. Between the video and the website this looks like a marketing effort for an international version of Groove Coaster Arcade, just under this new title which appeals to the Space Invaders nostalgia. Taito also has posted a How-to-Play PDF which also is all in English, which you can check out below.


Based upon this info I would like to say “confirmed” for overseas, but without some official announcement it is good to be cautious. It would also be good to find out more details about the game.

[youtube_embed src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=-jUHTblIHgY”/]