Second Trailer Released For Pump It Up 2015


A short time ago Andamiro unveiled a teaser trailer for their next iteration of Pump It Up, which is the only foot-controlled dance game series you are going to find brand new in the West right now. Pump It Up 2015 was going to offer more songs to their overall roster but today we have more information on the game thanks to Teaser trailer #2.

Within the first few minutes of the trailer showcases some of their big songs that are making their way to the game but about 3:45 they start discussing the new features.

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For feature #1, the game will have “Improved graphic SD/HD Dual Resolution”, so expect 16:9 widescreen and 1080p resolution, if not higher. It would be really interesting if they go 4K resolution.

Feature #2 should cause a stir – Network play and leaderboards. The game will use a USB login method so players around the world can easily compete against each other. To be honest I am surprised it took this long for the series to really support this but as the saying goes, better late than never.

Pump It Up 2015 will launch in a few weeks at the IAAPA 2014 trade show event.