Konamistyle Tokyo Midtown now closed


Although the announcement came in advance of today’s closing date, it’s still nonetheless unfortunately that this physical location to buy Konami goods is now closed.

Originally opened in 2010, the Konamistyle Store at Tokyo Midtown was once a location where one could find a great deal of really cool (and sometimes exclusive) Bemani merchandise. Over the years we’ve seen all manner of pop’n and IIDX character mascot goods, pins, stationery sets, and more made available for purchase along with the special sets available on the Konamistyle web store. Anyone who has visited the store in the last year would tell you that its closure doesn’t come as much of a surprise though. I had the opportunity to visit earlier this year and there wasn’t much available for purchase, especially considering some of the great things I’ve had friends pick me up there over the years.

Of course, since Konami’s headquarters are located at Tokyo Midtown there is always an opportunity for the store to reopen in the future (as unlikely as it is), and its closure should not be taken as a sign that things are slowing down for them as a whole. Thankfully online shop will continue to operate going forward, so unique merchandise will still be available for the foreseeable future!