Replicant-D-Ignition Event Starts on DDR2014


As promised by Konami weeks ago, the new extra stage event “Replicant-D-Ignition” has begun on DDR2014 machines throughout the world today. The event serves as a successor to DDRX2’s “Replicant-D-Action” event and the format of the event follows its predecessor closely.

Players can engage the event by accessing the “Replicant-D-Ignition” folder during their EXTRA STAGE round which will bring them to a special songlist screen with the following 5 new songs available for play:

Destination / Sota F.
Samurai Shogun vs. Master Ninja / 96
Sand Blow / 肥塚良彦
chaos eater / 猫叉Master+

By landing a score of AA or higher on their respective EXPERT charts, players can collect an orb for each song. Once a player has managed to collect orbs for every song, the song EGOISM 440 / U1 High-Speed can be played as an EXTRA STAGE song. If players can manage to get a score of AA or higher here, the game will then force play MAX.(period) / 2MB, which marks the long-awaited arcade debut of the fan-favorite track that was available on the Japanese console release of DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME.

If players are able to manage a grade of AA or higher here, they are brought to the apparent last song of the event, Over the “Period” / TAG underground overlay. This song provides an extra challenge as it forces to player to get a score of MARVELOUS or PERFECT on every step, otherwise the song will be instantly failed.