Harmonix Wants Your Song Requests for Rock Band 4


As for Rock Band 4, we can safely expect an extensive new track list, but that doesn’t mean that the team at Harmonix aren’t open to your suggestions. A request page has has been created on the official website, giving you the chance to submit the song title and artist of your choice.  To get started, just head to the page, type in the title and artist, hit submit, and your voice will be heard.

Just to be on the safe side, a disclaimer makes it clear that offering a song request does not guarantee its inclusion in the game, but that Harmonix “will read every request to get a better understanding of what the community most wants to see in Rock Band.” And while you can only submit one request at a time, the team actually encourages you to make as many requests as you like.

Let us know in the comment section what songs you requested to make the cut!