DittoBeat is A Blend of Simon and Rhythm-Based Gaming


DittoBeat is a new rhythm-based game that is now available on Google Play and iOS. Unlike a lot of rhythm-based games that have constantly changing content that you need to perform an action to the beat that is going on, this new game has you basically playing a Simon-style game, but doing it to the beat of the music. This does add a new level of difficulty to the whole Simon type of gameplay.

For those of you not familiar with Simon, or the many numerous spin-offs of it, basically it is a copycat game where you have four color buttons and the AI will start off by lighting up one of them. After it does, you press it. Next turn the AI lights up two, then you press them. This continues, increasing the number of button pushes you need to do that exactly matches what the AI has done. Failing to do this three times within the song results in a game over. DittoBeat takes the above gameplay, and adds it to music. So you have to not only match the pattern exactly, but you have to do it in time with the music playing.

If you’re a fan of the music from both In The Groove and ReRave, then you’ll get an aural feast from this game. It features “exclusive upbeat” music from the genre and they will continue to add new songs that you can download as they are automatically made available. You get to digitally take home awards and coins, and also compete with other players who are also playing through the Global Leader charts.

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