Groove Coaster 2 Arrives on Mobile Devices


Finally, the finger-tapping, rhythm-pulsating game Groove Coaster has finally arrived on Android and iOS devices. The mobile game has been upgraded from Groove Coaster Zero to Groove Coaster 2, bringing the same gameplay that has captured the attention of music loving gamers and now with an additional feature that might appeal to those who fancy themselves as ambient musicians.

The music that has made Groove Coaster popular is still included in this upgraded version, but now they have been given more complex alternate arcade versions that have two-handed controls. There are 158 tracks in 850 stages, but in separate modes of course, including vocaloids, video games music, with even a few original tracks composed specifically for this game by Taito. When you complete your musical mission, you can get new music titles, add player avatars, and get power-ups of course.

There is also a new control system that they added, where you don’t need to touch your smartphone or tablet anymore to play. Using your device’s built-in mics, you can play by clapping, tapping on your desk, using your pens and pencils as drumsticks, etc. Anything that your mobile device will recognize as tapping. But naturally, sometimes it won’t work as effectively as tapping on the device itself.

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