quadrant – A Trippy Indie Rhythm Game from BitSummit


At BitSummit, we saw an interesting little indie rhythm game from developer undef that released back in May on Windows/Mac/Linux.

quadrant is a difficult rhythm game with trippy animations that gets a lot more intense and tougher the better you play.
Each level is animated differently and is supposed to be a visual interpretation of the song, providing a synesthetic experience. The game places a lot of stress on the player, “learning to cope with it is vital for success” says undef.

Due to that, every stage feels unique and there is self motivation to reach higher scores to unlock more animations. Undef says that “this induces a meditative flow state and teaches the player how to handle unexpected, stressful situations”.
The key theme here is human adaptation to strange environments.

quadrant is available now on Windows/Mac and Linux via Steam for $3.99 DRM-free and open source!

[youtube_embed src=”https://youtu.be/ofQsHqZ7xH0″/]

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