Radiohammer Coming to 3DS eShop This Fall


Strange rhythm-game hybrids like Game Freak’s HarmoKnight are as unconventional as they are as uncommon. But the 3DS eShop will soon welcome another entity of a similar ilk, by the name of Radiohammer.

Aksys Games announced today that they are working with Arc System Works and Vinyl Lab to bring Radiohammer to North America sometime in Fall 2015. The game originally came to the Japanese eShop in April, and now Aksys Games is in the process of localizing it for Western audiences. In it, you play as one of four DJs and deflect the assault of trench coat-wearing hooligans, evil music notes and other suspicious characters with the power of music (and your chosen instrument).

The price hasn’t been confirmed, but based on how much it goes for in Japan, Radiohammer will likely be offered for $4.99 or thereabouts. It may not be the Rhythm Heaven announcement you’re waiting for, but Radiohammer’s wacky personality might be compelling all the same.