New Songs Available for Unlock on DanceDanceRevolution


Several songs have been added to DanceDanceRevolution’s “EXTRA ATTACK” event for players to unlock starting today on e-amuse connected machines.

First up are the three songs from last year’s BEMANI-wide “BEMANI Ruins” event which players can now unlock if they were unable to complete last summer’s event. Those three songs are:

Cleopatrysm /  ピラミッ℃

御千手メディテーション / 昇天家族


Lastly, the new song  Summer fantasy (Darwin remix) / Lazy U1 ft. Fraz & Chalk E is also available for unlock.

To unlock songs in the “EXTRA ATTACK” event, players must choose the “Premium Play” mode which requires use of Konami’s electronic payment system PASELI. Once in this mode, players must meet the requirements to advance to the EXTRA STAGE, where a special “EXTRA ATTACK” folder will be present. In this folder, players can play the special unlockable songs and can individually unlock each chart difficulty by passing the songs and filling up the unlock gauge. Once the unlock gauge for a specific chart is full, it will become available for normal play.

You can see line-outs of the Single and Doubles EXPERT chart for Summer fantasy (Darwin Remix) below:

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