Bemani Summer Diary 2015 – Day 2


On 7/23 the Multi Game event, Bemani Summer Diary Started. But wait, its 7/24 you say? What happened to day 1 coverage you ask? Shhhh…be quiet. Anyway, today is the 2nd day of the event and the game of the day is IIDX (with the side game Sound Voltex)  and the song is Sound Of Summer. This song was the unlock for the first day, when the game of the day was Sound Voltex. Like the first day, players can unlock songs by playing the Main and the Side games, and can even speed up the process by playing some of the other Konami  arcade games such as Quiz Magic Academy or Steel Chronicle.

UK HARDCORE / Sounds Of Summer / Hommarju
SP-6[CN]/10[CN]/12 DP-6/9/12

Heres a video of the SPA chart, thanks to Youtuber IIDXTom

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And since we missed the first day, here is a video of Sound of Summer EXH on Sound Voltex thanks to Youtuber LIRINSKY

[youtube_embed src=”″/]


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