Beat Attack – An Arcade Rhythm Puzzle by Twoplus Games


Beat Attack is a new indie title that caught my eye created by Twoplus Games settled in Johannesburg, South Africa. The game purely inspired by Puyo Puyo, Tetris Attack and Puzzle Fighter that has players facing off and using power ups in a 2-player+ rhythm-puzzle brawler. The game is currently playable in alpha state here for single player for now, and project lead Steven Tu would like you to tell him how it is!

Steven says it’s too early to discuss Beat Attack for consoles, as new challenges in game development are popping up. The Alpha has only two characters and 2 power ups and Steven explains that the full release will add more characters and definitely more attacks.

Adventure mode is available to play via web player or through download. Available to play on both Windows and Mac.

Find Steven over at @tuism, @twoplusgames or at

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