DanceDanceRevolution 2014 US location test dates announced


We have received confirmation that the upcoming DDR 2014 US Location test is slated to run from August 4th until the 18th at the Puente Hills Mall Round 1 in Industry, CA. Here’s what we know about the test so far:

  • It’ll be a “culturally localized” version of the most recent DanceDanceRevolution software running in Japan. What that entails is still unclear but it’s sure to at least be in English.
  • It’ll be running on the same Japanese eAmusement server that other Bemani titles at Round 1 currently employ, this means that the network will be unavailable each day from 1pm-3pm.
  • Konami is bringing in one of the newer style white cabinets to conduct the test.

We still don’t know if there are going to be any exclusive songs or other content, or if the Paseli features found in the Japanese game are going to function similarly to the Asian version. We’ll be on site the first day of the test to report on any differences and cover the general response. Obviously we don’t have any idea what Konami’s long term plans for the game are, but given how long it’s been since they’ve held a high profile music game test in the US we can assume that they’re heavily considering a release for the title stateside.