Amplitude Receives New Tracks, Modes and A Delay


According to the latest backer update on Kickstarter, Ryan brings the good news by letting us know Harmonix is including some more songs in the final version of the game

Hey there…

Although we had originally promised about 16 songs total, we have decided to cram as much awesome music into Amplitude as possible. We now upped the total count to 30 songs! If you are a backer at the appropriate tiers, you will also get a 31st song too, voted on by the Song Senate—our group of backers that chipped in at the Song Senate tier.

Two modes and two more environments are being included as well along with leaderboards for people to play against each other online for score, both per-song and across the whole game. The game is now getting shipped with a solo campaign, solo free play, 2-4 player “free-for-all”, and an all-new team play mode (1v3, 2v2).

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos butts in and brings the bad news. The game will not ship this Summer as promised. Due to new modes and included tracks being placed in the game, it suffers a detour. The game will be able to play in December for the “early access” backers which will happen sometime before the Holiday break that takes place in the third week in December. PS3 versions of the game will be available in January. Follow up with exact dates for both PS4 and PS3 versions will be soon.

Harmonix also shared a preview for a new track included from Symbion Project, titled ‘Concept’. Check out the gameplay below!

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Earliest players will be able to jump in would be December which claims to be before the last week of the month on PS4. Do you think they’ll give backers a demo to hold the fans over? Sound off in the comments below.

  • dangerskew

    As a $125-tier backer of Amplitude, this news bums me out, but delays are par for the course with any Kickstarter project it seems, and getting so many more songs than initially promised definitely makes up for it.

    That said, I can’t help but feel a little shafted as someone who does not own a PS4 or plan on buying one any time soon.

  • waffleicious

    I’m soooooooo pumped for this game! Its been eons since the original, so for me I don’t mind waiting the extra time. The added songs are a huge bonus too and I hope they’ll have DLC songs in the future 🙂