IA/VT Colorful Brings English Menus and PlayStation TV Support


If you were on the fence on picking up IA/VT Colorful for the reason of not being able to read Japanese text, have no fear. YouTube user justonegamr plays IA/VT Colorful on a PlayStation TV (Vita TV) system, confirming you’re able to enjoy the game on a big screen.


In Justonegamr’s video, he also shows off that English menus are present in the game, starting with the nine menus you see first which are: Free Play, Step Up Play, Daily Play, My List Play, Item, Online, Data, Option, or Back to Title. Song difficulties are also in English as Easy, Normal, and Hard. Few song titles also appear in English as well as the notable Start and Skip options. The results screen following each track is in English as well.


IA/VT -COLORFUL- (イア ビジュアルトラックス カラフル) was released yesterday July 30.