Replicant D-ignition Songs Available for Unlock on DanceDanceRevolution


The Replicant D-ignition boss event on DanceDanceRevolution arcade machines is drawing to a close and the boss songs that have previously been exclusive to the “Replicant D-ignition” boss song folder are now available for songs to unlock for normal play.

Besides making the songs available for normal play, unlocking the songs also allows players to access charts that were not available during the EXTRA STAGE event, specifically a CHALLENGE chart for EGOISM and the EXPERT chart for Over The “Period”. Check out the lists of unlockable songs and some videos of the new charts below:

Destination / Sota. F SP[4/9/12/15] DP[9/12/15]
Samurai Shogun vs. Master Ninja / 96 SP[3/7/12/14] DP[7/12/15]
Sand Blow / 肥塚良彦 SP[3/7/12/15] DP[7/12/16]
HAPPY☆LUCKY☆YEAPPY / DJ ミラクル☆ストーン SP[6/10/13/16] DP[9/13/16]
chaos eater / 猫叉Master+ SP[6/8/12/16] DP[8/12/16]
EGOISM 440 / U1 High-Speed SP[9/10/13/17/19] DP[10/14/17/19]
MAX.(period) / 2MB SP[5/12/13/16/18] DP[11/13/16/18]
Over The “Period” / TAG underground overlay SP[8/12/15/18] DP[12/15/18]


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