Two new rhythm titles recently hit Steam


The Steam download store recently saw two rhythm gaming titles added, one bringing back a Playstation title and the other coming in as a new entry in the genre.

Publisher Console Classics has started work on re-launching Playstation One titles on Steam, and one of its latest efforts makes “Superstar Dance Club” available on the store. The title, originally developed as “Love Para: Lovely Tokyo Para-Para Musume” by Warashi, was ported over to the U.S. by XS Games in 2002 nearly two years after its Japanese release.

As made available on Steam, “Superstar Dance Club” is basically a straight loading of the Playstation ISO, as it still contains all references of the Playstation controller and memory cards. The title is $4.99 on Steam, but a current 25-percent-off sale drops the price to $3.74.

Superstar Dance Club Steam page

The second release, “Pulsen,” is actually introduced as an early access title on the service. The title is a commercial version of 4-Panel Footprint’s “Pulse Radar,” a dancing game which the company features at events.

The title has been receiving positive reviews from the handful of early access players making submissions, with multiple users stating the title is based off the Stepmania 5 engine. Key features from the developer include a list of 53 songs from independent artists, five to six difficulties for each song for more than 265 charts, recognition of multiple controllers including dance pads, controllers and Rock Band drums, and multiplayer.

As an early access title, “Pulsen” is not labeled as a finished product at this time, but interested players can still get their hands on the title, along with any progressive updates, for $18.99. The developer reports on the product page the features in development include native cross-platform play, challenge mode, tutorial, saving and playing against replay data, fitness mode, Steam trading cards and achievements, and Steam Workshop integration.

Pulsen Steam page

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