Bonus Music for Jubeat Prop Updated this Week


Two bonus music tracks for jubeat prop are now detailed through the seven-week BEMANI SUMMER DIARY 2015 campaign.

The BEMANI Fan Site and jubeat’s page list the tracks as “We’re so Happy” by Ryu* and “encounter” by Nekomata Master+. A limited time emblem is also available through the event.

This week’s campaign launched today and runs up to Aug. 20.


  • While they are the Bonus tracks for the time being the “New” in the header is a bit of a misnomer- these are old unlockable songs from past games in the jubeat series that can be unlocked via an easier method this week.

  • Not my intended meaning, but I see where you’re coming from on that. I have it updated to avoid potential confusion. Thanks for reading and pointing it out!