Miracle Girls Festival ‘Tour Mode’ Announced and Detailed


Today, SEGA has spoke out and gave us some information on the first mode for its upcoming PS Vita anime girl rhythm game Miracle Girls Festival. At Comiket 88 a 30-second trailer has been released detailing the new ‘Tour Mode’ for the game. The gameplay is identical to Project Diva but you can expect a bit more features.

Tour Mode has the  players become director of a concert venue with six locations throughout the game, and through performing song lists, you’ll need to achieve audience goals at each venue.

A tour is organized by days. If you clear all the scheduled days, you’ll unlock a new tour. By moving forward in your tour, new songs and higher difficulty settings will be added. By playing through songs, you’ll acquire currency called “Miracle Coins”, which can be used to unlock songs throughout the game.

If you missed our post about the 22 songs announcement, check it out here so you can know what to expect at launch.

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