Guitar Hero Live Retail Preorders Detailed


GameStop has just launched their preorder incentives for Guitar Hero Live which happens to be launching on October 20. Players who preorder the game, receive a double-sided exclusive poster as well as $19.99 worth of in-game Hero Cash. Hero Cash can be used to play on-demand songs and premium shows in the new GHTV mode.

A long with a poster and some Hero Cash for your pockets, players who preorder Guitar Hero Live from GameStop will receive a 30 day Pandora One premium trial voucher. The game is available in a bundle with one or two guitar controllers. A single guitar bundle with the game will cost $99.99 and the bundle with two guitars costs $149.99 across all North American retailers.

Best Buy customers can receive a microphone for preordering so everyone can see how amazing you’ll sound, as well as a $10 gift certificate upon pickup. Keep in mind, if you’re a Gamer’s Club Unlocked member, you will still get 20% off Guitar Hero Live bundles making them only $79.99 and $129.99 respectively.

GAME customers in the UK can expect the SoundDial Festival Personalization Pack, including a Custom Note Highway and Playercard as well as an exclusive Guitar Hero Live branded Guitar Strap. Guitar Hero Live will retail for £84.99 at GAME.

Both Amazon and GAME are listed to also receive bonus content in GHTV featuring Avenged Sevenfold which includes Premium Shows, a Custom Note Highway and more to be announced.