First Early Access Look at Pulsen


4-Panel Footprint’s Pulsen recently launched on the Steam download service for PC as an early access title. Pulsen brings a traditional four-panel rhythm game to the format to allow players to use keyboards, USB dance pads, Rock Band drum kits and USB controllers in more than 50 songs from independent artists.

As an early access title, the game has not been marked as a completed version by the developer. In its 1.0 version, the title essentially functions in allowing players access to the game’s tracks and personal score tracking, and the current 1.1 version updates the user interface and adds in a few more supporting features.

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Pulsen utilizes the Stepmania engine, so fans of the genre will see many familiar gameplay elements and functions. The title also involves the independent music scene, bringing forth artists players have seen in previous dance game titles. The default song list packaged with the game includes:

“All Night Long (The Paradise Last Italo-Disco Mix)” by J-Mi & Midi-D feat. Hanna Stockzell
“Boom” by Blenderblaster
“Calamity” by Losstarot (feat. GUMI)
“Canon-D” by Wip’E”Out
“Dreams and Nightmares” by Blendblaster
“Dystopia of the Sun” by Sta
“Fall Awake (Lars Hausmann Remix)” by MIDIhead
“Finite” by Sta
“Forever Blue” by Comma King
“Future Destination” by MGD Sound Team
“Guiding Light” by The Queenstons
“Halcyon” by Comma King
“Holiday Hurricane” by Dj-Greene
“Hot One” by Kitsune2
“Hyped” by Blenderblaster
“Hypnosis” by DJ DISITE
“I Breathe Fire” by Odyssey
“I Control” by The Queenstons
“I Prefer the Sky” by The Queenstons
“Irish Trance Dance” by Dj-Greene
“Jetpack Cutie (Entertain Us Re-Edit)” by Kitsune2
“Just Love (Mayhem’s MMAAYYHHEEMM Remix)” by D-Mode-D
“Kyle Ward the Space Pumpkin” by Renard
“Laugh at Life” by Mayhem
“Life is a Journey (The Paradise Last Mix)” by J-Mi & Midi-D
“Living Colours” by Blenderblaster
“Lovesick (Xyzzy Mix)” by The liquid movement & Sta
“Murder Machine” by Jackal Queenston
“Onigiri” by Losstarot
“Our Special Place” by The Queenstons
“Regret” by Hydlide feat. SquaDus
“Retro-Specced” by Comma King
“Sarcolemma” by Fredgy
“Satellite Signal” by Blenderblaster
“Savvy” by Sta
“Serendipity” by Idris & Zyrion
“Sky Destiny” by typeMARS
“Smile Through the Stars” by Comma King
“Sqweg the Dragon” Furries in a Blender
“Steel Monster Above the City” by Kitsune2
“Stormy Weather” by Sonitus Vir
“Synapse” by Furries in a Blender feat. Emily and Lawlzy
“SYSTEM ERROR” by Wipe’E”Out infected
“System Failure” by Renard
“Take Control” by Wip’E”Out
“Take This” by Fredgy
“Techno Rocker (Remix)” by Kyle
“The Dark” by Monolithic
“Tung, the Icelandic Space Warrior” by Kitsune2
“Unified Chaos” by Sta
“Wildfire” by Losstarot
“Wonderland” by Idris
“Zenone” by Comma King

Pulsen utilizes an unlock system for most of its content, but players can also toggle options that grant them access to every song and chart from the beginning.

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In the jump from version 1.0 to 1.1, here are the changes logged by 4-Panel Footprint:

•Major UI changes including mouse controls on most screens.

•Shadows on text adjusted for low- and high-res displays all around.

•Larger, higher-resolution title menu options.

•Mouse controls to title menu options.

•Music list visibly cleaner design and re-styled.

•Difficulty labels when selecting a song.

•Score graph when selecting music.

•Judgment names on Intricate scoring shown above the combo number.

•After song stats screen re-positioning of items and labels where necessary.

•Combo and timing judgment now shows up over the notefield by default and can optionally be changed back to the old way through the options menu.

•Ability to unreset local or online scores for if you want to reset them to unlock everything and then unreset them to have your scores back.

•Ability to reset sync calibration back to 0.

•Modifiers screen now indicates which options will disqualify your score (still saves in the database and still saves replays).

•Various bug fixes and tweaks.

More additions are underway, with the developer reportedly focusing on accounting for high-DPI displays, cleaning up translations and adding support for more languages. Chart changes are also reportedly possible, with the developer noting plans are in place to allow players to zero out old scores if a chart change makes it possible for them to obtain a higher score.

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Pulsen is currently available on Steam as an early access title for $18.99. With updates and future DLC planned for the title, Bemanistyle will continue its coverage on Pulsen as more information becomes available.


**Bemanistyle was provided an early access Steam code for Pulsen by the developer, and is using the version for its coverage.

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