Harmonix Partners with Crowdfunding Site Fig to fund Its Next Title


Given what has happened with Amplitude, It’s no surprise Harmonix is looking to attract funds from somewhere other than Kickstarter.

Fig, the crowdfunding solution for developers which allows reward-based funding alongside equity investment, will partner with Boston-based Harmonix to bring an upcoming title to the playing field. In a press release issued today, Fig also said that Harmonix’s chief creative officer, Alex Rigopulos, will join the advisory board.

Rigopulos will join four other studio heads on the advisory board. These guys will be responsible for checking out and keeping close eye on projects and teams before they are invited to launch on Fig. Additionally, they will mentor developers before, during and after the crowdfunding process.

Harmonix’s next game, Rock Band 4, is being co-published by Mad Catz. The peripheral manufacturer, who has recently told investors that it needs Rock Band 4 to be a hit in order to ensure the continued financial stability of the company. The new campaign is slated to go up sometime this fall.

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