Beat Sports is An Original Title from Harmonix Announced for Apple TV


Beat Sports Logo

Today during the Apple Event, Harmonix took the stage to unveil an adorably styled title called Beat Sports, which is coming exclusively to Apple TV. Harmonix and publishing partner Tilting Point have revealed an original game which is a collection of music-infused mini-games based loosely on familiar sports like tennis, volleyball, and golf.

Creative Lead at Harmonix, Jon Carter says:

Apple TV is the perfect home for this unique mixture of music, sports, and wacky fun. The new remote offers limitless possibilities for brand new gameplay, and Beat Sports’ controls will have the whole family swinging, spiking, and scoring to the beat!

Matt Boch, Product Manager at Harmonix says they saw a lot of potential in new ways to play on Apple TV and wanted to start designing something new right away for it. But will this type of control scheme make a return? Does anybody even want them to return? Stay tuned as we bring you more info about the title very soon!

Check out the official site here: