Three New Avenged Sevenfold Songs Will be Playable As Premium Shows in Guitar Hero Live

Activision and FreeStyleGames have officially announced the three Avenged Sevenfold songs that will be playable in the GHTV Premium Shows in Guitar Hero Live. The songs are:
  • “Shepherd of Fire”
  • “Buried Alive”
  • “Nightmare”

Premium Shows are a big feature of GHTV in Guitar Hero Live, and a great way to give players unique gameplay experiences. Players will be able to access these premium shows, which can be anything from playable live concert footage, new GHTV music videos and beyond, by completing various in-game challenges. Players are then rewarded with cool incentives including guitar upgrades, player cards, note highways and more, some of which are exclusive to particular premium shows.

Check out the screenshots below and take awe at the amazingly badass note highway. God DAMN!

Guitar Hero Live will be available October 20 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii U, and also Apple TV and iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch this fall.