Laserlife resurfaces for September release


The Tokyo Game Show has created a recent Playstation buzz, and Choice Provisions (rebranded from Gaijin Games, developer of the BIT.TRIP series) has come forward with new media and information on the rhythm-action title Laserlife.

While recent news discusses the title as a Playstation 4 release, the official trailer also markets the title for a Steam and Xbox One release, currently slated for Sept. 22.

The title was actually announced at 2010’s Indiecade event, and is labeled as an “interactive documentary.” The dual-stick rhythm title gives off Rez vibes and presents themes of existentialism as players remember “what it is to be human.” This is attempted through the story premise of extraterrestrial beings locating a deceased astronaut in deep space. The beings use their technology to locate memory modules around the scene and harmonize with the astronaut’s memories to learn more about the humans they have never encountered before.

Built as an experience, Choice Provisions states the game is intended to be played in a single sitting, and low lighting and immersive sound are encouraged. For a touch more insight on the title, Project Lead Alex Neuse recently discussed Laserlife on the EU Playstation Blog.


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