Pump It Up Prime: Version 1.09 – Now with Bad Apple!(!)


If you wanted some Touhou in your Pump It Up, boy do we have an update for you.

As I expected, the next update will feature The Revolution and Stardust Overdrive.

What I didn’t expect are the Japanese tracks by Tatsh and nomico. As with the previous updates, this can be gotten at www.piugame.com.

This update includes the following:

New Songs
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat. Sariyajin – TatshMusicCircle BPM 178 /
S01, S04, S06, S10, S14, D10, D14, Co-Op X2
* Stardust Overdrive – typeMARS BPM 175 / S04, S09, S16, D05, D13, D16
* THE REVOLUTION – MAX & DOOM BPM 160 / S07, S11, S17, D12
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico – Masayoshi Minoshima BPM 138 / S01, S05, S09, S13, D10
* Stardust Overdrive (Shortcut) – typeMARS BPM 175 / S16, D17
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ feat. Sariyajin [Full Song] BPM 178 – TatshMusicCircle / S14, S19, D14, D19
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico [Full Song]- Masayoshi Minoshima BPM 138 / S10, S14, S17, D11, D18, D22 Co-Op X4

New Steps [unlocked at www.piugame.com via USB downloads]
* Stardust Overdrive / S18, D19
* FOUR SEASONS OF LONELINESS verβ / S17, S20, D18, D21
* Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico / S17, S19, D18, D21

* Allegro Piu Mosso / S19

Quest Zone
Chapter 9:
1) Dance With Me
Step chart : S06, S14, D15, D17

2) Monkey Fingers
Step chart : S08, S15, D17, D18

3) Love is a Danger Zone
Step chart : S10, S15, S19, S20

4) Requiem
Step chart : S16, S19, D19, D21

5) Canon D
Step chart : S09, S20, D22, D24

Previously hidden stepcharts, unlocked:

* Move That Body! S17, S20, D18
* Sugar Conspiracy Theory S15, S18, S19, D17, D20

The update is now live at Andamiro’s website.

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Christopher Snelgrove

Has played just about every rhythm game ever made, especially ultra obscure ones like Technic Beat and UNiSON: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance. His favorite rhythm games are Space Channel 5, Ouendan, Pump It Up, Beatmania IIDX, and DJ MAX. Despite his mother’s claims that he would be tired of video gaming by the age of 26, his obsession has only grown.

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