Neon FM test underway in Korea


Unit-E Technologies recently shared media from the start of the Gametopia location testing for Andamiro’s Korean release of Neon FM.

The official Andamiro Korea Twitter feed has become active with some photos and video links, along with information on how players can use their mobile devices to interface with the game.

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The Neon FM Facebook page also passed along this video featuring “Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix).”

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Unit-E CEO Eric Yockey shared the test location’s song selection data with, and, as of Wednesday morning, the following are the top 10 songs being played at the Gametopia location test:

“Crayon” by G-Dragon – 7.2% of songs played
“Love Is A Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)” by BanYa – 6.9% of songs played
“Final Audition 2” by BanYa – 5.6% of songs played
“Accident” by Max – 5.2% of songs played
“Witch Doctor” by BanYa – 4.1% of songs played
“Energy Drink” by Virtual Riot – 3.9% of songs played
“Self Destruct” by Pegboard Nerds – 3.5% of songs played
“U Got 2 Know” by Max – 3% of songs played
“Bubblegum feat. CRNKN” by Jackal – 2.6% of songs played
“Dance To It” by Tut Tut Child – 2.6% of songs played