Rock Band 3 Song Exports For Rock Band 4 Release Date Set for December


One of the core priorities of Rock Band 4 was that Harmonix would do their utmost to ensure backward compatibility to everything from the previous games. While that’s proven to be relatively simple for plain DLC content, the situation with exporting tracks from the disc versions of Rock Bands 1, 2 and 3 have been much murkier.

Rock Band 3 in particular had no existing provision to export songs into a future game, but Harmonix have announced today that this is on the way and planned for release on December 8. The whole export will run you $14.99, and will require that your game is verified as yours, meaning that you’ll need to have bought and played the game on the last generation consoles. If you don’t own the game, but would like to get a hold of those songs though, then time is running out to buy it digitally, as Harmonix can only continue to sell it until October 30th. Retail copies are certain to still be out in the wild, though.