Rock Band 4 Update brings 5.1 Surround Crowd Audio Support and More!


Harmonix revealed what the upcoming Rock Band 4 update will bring, and it has a couple of new features to add.

The update will go live on November 2nd. It will allow custom characters as band stand-ins, adds 5.1 surround crowd audio support, and adds streaming audio support for PS4.

Here are all the changes and improvements the update will bring:


  • Allow custom characters as band stand-ins
    • Session musician screen now displays custom characters as well as the prefab characters
    • Quickplay now uses the most recent band’s stand-ins to populate characters
  • 5.1 surround crowd audio support and mic volume adjustment
  • Added functionality to support vocal overdrive deploy with touch pad for PlayStation 4
  • Added support for streaming audio for PlayStation 4


  • Fix for Xbox One = Lefty flip issue for Guitar Hero drums
  • Fix for PlayStation 4 = Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar does not deploy overdrive when tilted
  • Fix for PlayStation 4 = The Beatles: Rock Band guitar unable to auto-calibrate


  • Fix to make it possible to earn guitar solo achievements even if you have guitar solo cues turned off
  • Fix band contribution for vocals when non-vocals deploy as well as code cleanup around vocal points
  • Changed facial expression for the loading pose to be less goofy
  • Tour fixes:
    • Fixed issue where City list can contain empty Cities if song content is uninstalled
    • Fix for issue with Tour Choice stuck in locked City
    • Fix for crash if player unlocks a City through a Tour that they’ve unlocked with a Fan Showcase first and not attempted any Shows in
    • Fix character preview getting stuck open when going into difficulty select/gameplay (and then continuing to be open when you go back to the shell)
  • Text fixes to address formatting issues
  • Fix for various crash bugs

SOURCE: Harmonix