Help Wanted: bemanistyle News/Editorial Team


We are currently in the process of restructuring, and building, the beloved bemanistyle outlet & forum. In anticipation of this momentous event we would like to officially invite all interested parties that want to join our team to​ submit their relevant details to: Opportunities exist to learn a wealth of marketable skills in a variety of areas, however we are particularly in need of ambitious individuals who can stay up to date and publish newly announced Bemani and Japanese rhythm game news and info.

The schedule is flexible but requires a minimum commitment of 2 days a week. This is an unpaid position, but we provide experience that can help bolster anyone’s portfolio. Writers will be given ample opportunity to build and flex writing skills, introduced to the world of digital publishing, work directly with PR contacts, developers and more. Kindly send an introductory email with the following information: name, location, a brief bio, links or attachments with examples of your work and a description of any relevant experience. Candidates are encouraged to contact us even if you have not worked previously as an online/print editor.