Backer-Only Song Revealed for Amplitude


Harmonix recently teased a couple of the Kickstarter-only perks of Amplitude for those giving $100 or more to the project.

The track, “Do Not Retreat,” comes from the returning Amplitude artist Komputer Kontroller. It was reported a backer-exclusive track came down to a decision between “Do Not Retreat” and “Synthesized,” a track from the original game. With “Do Not Retreat” voted in as the exclusive, it was reported “Synthesized” will be available to all players of the game.

Harmonix offered up a preview video of “Do Not Retreat,” also promising a preview of “Synthesized” in a future update.

In addition to the song, an exclusive beat blaster code named “Twista” was also previewed.



Harmonix ended the most recent Kickstarter update stating early access for backers will begin in December, with a planned full release of the game in January.

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