Horses, Street Fighter Mix in Free Game


The ongoing Japan World Cup series of videos keeps horse racing interesting with a bizarre mix of characters and tricky maneuvers, and a free web-based game highlights such weirdness by mixing horses, Street Fighter, sumo wrestlers and rhythm gaming.

The Japan Sumo Cup online game pits players against a rival horse racer, which includes most of the original World Warrior cast. Jumping through a handful of rounds, players can unveil multiple Street Fighter stage themes, boss characters and selectable characters.

The gameplay reflects Taiko no Tatsujin, and players only need to tap the up and down keys on their keyboard when indicated. To beat the rival racer, players must score higher than the target score that is listed beside the round’s difficulty rating (rated by stars) on the main race menu.

This curiosity keeps things bizarre with horses that reflect their riders – Guile’s horse has a blonde flattop haircut for example – and dramatic special moves that keeps the race tense through the photo finish.

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