Monthly Rock Band Updates Beginning Dec. 8


Rock Band returned to the market in early October, but Harmonix is reportedly not finished with Rock Band 4. According to Daniel Sussman, who recently posted on the Harmonix blog, players can expect a batch of changes with a Dec. 8 update.

Features in the update are set to include score-challenge features with in-game notifications of leaderboard events, an activity feed and a taunt system at the results screen. To leverage competitiveness, these features will display an in-song indicator when a friend’s score is passed, create a leaderboard events log and select a randomized taunt message that can appear in a friend’s activity feed.

The update will also bring improved calibration based on player feedback, individual player settings of breakneck speed up to 2.5x, full-combo recognition and indicator, more details in the song results screen, a new player stats overview, new items in the rock shop and a toggle for an auto-kick mode on the drums.

The following was also detailed for planned bug fixes:

  • Packs and Albums in the XB1 in-game store are back in the store and contain content.
  • Fix to prevent hitches for PlayStation 4 players with 2000 Friends.
  • Leaderboards no longer mix player scores and percentages from different performances and instead show only the info for the single performance with the highest score.
  • Game no longer crashes when the vocalist joins a song that doesn’t have a vocal part.
  • Band History stats now list the correct total number of Rock Shop items.
  • Improvements to microphone lag.
  • Improvements to tambourine hit sensitivity.
  • Adjustments to track transparency.

According to Sussman, there are also a few items in the Dec. 8 update being kept under wraps until closer to its release.

Sussman added the development will continue to plan monthly updates, with some improving or fixing the game, and others adding new features. This is reported to include features brand new to the platform, some features that have been in previous installments and stability improvements. Sussman also said the team is paying close attention to feedback on the forums and social media.


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