New GROOVE COASTER Arcade Pack added to Mobile


While it hasn’t really been announced yet, you can currently pick up the another arcade pack in Groove Coaster 2: Original Style on mobile! This new pack costs $4.99 USD and includes 2 limited avatars and 4 songs, you can find it in the in game shop. The full contests list are:

2 bonus limited Avatar

  • Ranko (from Heisei Kaisei Dottensyan / Butaotome)
  • Ronmei (from Kung Fu Girl = Ronmei / COSIO)

4 New songs

  • Heisei Kaisei Dottensyan / Butaotome
  • HB-axeleration / Yatoki Tsukasa feat. Masaki Erika
  • Kung Fu Girl = Ronmei / COSIO
  • Agent Angels / Shohei Tsuchiya