Harmonix December Feature Update Includes Three New Tracks and a Brutal Mode Difficulty


Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. is thrilled to announce tomorrow’s release of Rock Band 4’s December Feature Update will include an all new gameplay challenge for Expert players, called Brutal Mode.

Brutal Mode – which will be available to Expert players in its own area off the Main Menu – will put even the most hardcore players’ skills to the test. Available in solo or multiplayer, Brutal Mode modifies the note track to react to how well you are playing. The better you play, the harder it gets. Players who master this mode are rewarded with a new Star threshold beyond Gold: the Crimson Star!

Harmonix also announces the addition of three intense metal tracks to the Rock Band Music Store for Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Releasing tomorrow, December 8, in conjunction with the December Feature Update, these songs will surely challenge even the best players.

Between the Buried and Me mark their Rock Band return with “The Coma Machine,” the 7+ minute long track from the band’s 2015 chart-topping concept album, Coma Ecliptic. Opeth’s epic “Heir Apparent” comes from the Swedish metal masters’ 2008 album, Watershed, and clocks in at almost 9 minutes long. Rounding out the pack is 2015’s “Nevermore” from the Dante’s Inferno-inspired album,Underworld, by Symphony X.

Each track can be purchased individually for $1.99.

  • Between the Buried and Me – “The Coma Machine”
  • Opeth – “Heir Apparent”
  • Symphony X – “Nevermore”

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