Team USA Captures osu! World Cup 2015


The finals of the osu! World Cup 2015 were held over the weekend and Team USA, consisting of Xilver, Natalia, Axarious, Ritzeh, Seouless, 0120, Zodiaack and [Toy], took the tournament after coming around from the losers bracket and pushing Team China to an 8-7 grand finals.

Group stage competitions for the cup actually began in November, with the full roster of participants including United States, China, Mexico, Malaysia, Austrailia, Italy, Lithuania, Hong Kong, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Canada, Poland, Philippines, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Argentina, Finland, South Korea, Greece, Norway, Brazil, Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Austria and Taiwan.

The United States team was put into the losers bracket by Team China in the round of 16’s semi-final matchup, but was victorious against Poland in the losers bracket finals. In the grand finals, the U.S. team took the eight wins necessary to give Team China its first loss in the tournament, pushing the cup into the final stage to determine the overall winner.

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Through support banner sales, a cash prize pool was organized for the competitions and awarded to the top three finishing teams. All results, except for grand finals, have been updated on the osu! World Cup 2015 wiki and archives are available on the osulive Twitch channel or the Reesewashere YouTube channel.

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