Update adds 1v1 mode to GH Live


FreeStyleGames announced via its Guitar Hero Live community blog that the game has seen its first major update, adding a few new features to the Live TV experience.

The blog author noted the community’s number-one requested feature was head-to-head multiplayer, and Rival Challenges are now implemented. Once players reach level 10, Rival Challenges will occur twice during every half-hour show.

The blog states songs will be randomly chosen and opponents will be chosen through a matchmaking technology to pair players of similar skill. The winner of the battle will score an extra 100 XP, and the update also displays players’ personalized cards and note highways.

Players can also now mark songs as “favorites” to revisit them more quickly, and players who log into Guitar Hero Live TV with zero song play tokens can now automatically earn a daily reward of three on-demand tokens.

While no details were given away, the blog also mentions continued holiday-themed shows, with “awesome playable Christmas favorites” to release on Live TV.

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