RB4 update to address scoring issues


The Ongoing Features Team for Rock Band 4 recently blogged on what players can expect in the January update, which is set to include a complete overhaul of scoring exploits and the leaderboards.

The blog admitted the game did ship with some bugs, specifically pointing to the “double-deploy” bug that can be used by drummers. The team noted these “compromise the integrity of (the) leaderboards.”

Because of the fix, Harmonix reported there will be an unfortunate wipe of the current leaderboards because these solutions will affect nearly every scoring aspect of the gameplay. The fixes are also intended to inject a code adjustment that allows Harmonix to immediately address song-specific bugs and some score fidelity fixes to individual songs.

The blog apologizes for the leaderboard wipe, but ensured players the online rankings changes will not affect local data. Statistics such as full combos and song plays will remain, and accuracy ratings and star counts will be replaced the first time a song is replayed following the update.

Along with the scoring updates, all scores earned on songs in “Play a Show” mode will also post to leaderboards.

Harmonix plans to continue updating the title in 2016, and it hinted at another developer it has teamed up with to introduce a set of tie-in clothing assets, similar to its addition of the Fallout 4 Vault Suit.