New Songs and Modules Announced for Project Diva X


Sega has released the teaser images for the opening movie based on the newly composed opening “Tsumi no Namae/Name of the Crime” by Ryo (Supercell). A 64 second demo can be listened from the official Project Diva X website.

Below are the lists of the newly announced songs, medley, and modules for the game.

New Songs

  • “Calc.” by JimmyThumbP (COOL)
  • “Babylon” by Tohma (CHAOS)
  • “Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai” by MikitoP (CUTE)
  • “Seisou Bakuretsu Boy” by rerulili and Moja (BEAUTY)
  • Medley: “Giga Remix” by GigaP featuring “Pinko Stick Luv” (Ore BananaP and GigaP), “Gigantic O.T.N.” (GigaP), “Okochama Sensou” (GigaP) , and “Ii Aru Fan Club” (MikitoP) (CHAOS)

New Modules

  • “Engage” by toi8 (COOL)
  • “Chopstick” and “Final Fusion” by nagimiso (CHAOS)
  • “Green Ponpoko” and “Orange Konkon” by Saine (CUTE)
  • “White Eve” by sayukichi (COOL)
  • “Holy Lancer” by hoshima (BEAUTY)
  • “Ivy Rabbit”, “Ivy Cat’s Eye“, “Ivy Tomcat”. “Ivy Moulin”, “Ivy Phantom”, and “Ivy Grimoire” by Rella (CHAOS)